Monday, November 21, 2016

Color Coding

I find that color coding my calendars really helps me to keep track of what I am doing and when it needs to be done. A lot of people talk about color coding their calendars online but they may not really explain what or how they do it.  So here is my system:

Days of the Week or Color my days:

I use the Waldorf system for the colors of the day except, since Sunday is white I use black instead. I will lightly shade the days of the week with their color and then write down what I want to do that day in the day's color.

Monday is purple
Tuesday is red
Wednesday is yellow
Thursday is orange
Friday is green
Saturday is blue
And Sunday I leave black for clarity since it's color is supposed to be white.

Coloring my activities:

For this I use highlighters so that I can block the time but still see what I have written underneath. These colors help me with knowing what kind of activity I am doing. These colors are ones that I picked at random with the highlighters I had on hand.

Blue is for things that are away from home, outings, outside activities, etc.
Orange is for work.
Pink is for school work and learning activities (we still home-school and this time needs to be blocked aside).
Yellow is for chores and tasks that need to be done around the home.
Purple is for errands and things that need to be done outside the home.
Green is for special events like birthday parties.

Do you use color-coding in your planning? If so what do you do differently?

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