Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How I Plan My Days

Over the years I have tried many methods of planning and organizing my time. You can really only do so much in a day and you really want to get the most important things done.  There are a few resources that really helped me.

Managers of Their Homes  This book really helped me to think about my time and what I really and truly wanted to accomplish in a week. It helped me to prioritize.

Waldorf Essentials really helped me to think about yearly planning. What I wanted to do in a year and how to divide it up into bite-sized pieces.

One thing that I have tried to find balance between is the idea of blocking and planning my time verses a natural daily rhythm. What are these concepts?

Time Blocking
Time blocking is where you set each task you need to do for a specific time each day. I've found that this method of planning can make things very stressful for me.  I like to have some flexibility to my day and the ability to easily move things around if needed.

With rhythm you follow the natural flow of the day with a breathing in and a breathing out.  Things can be more flexible with this method but they can also be planned.

When I plan, I like to have a calendar that I can easily look at to see what I have to do at certain times and then a list of things that can be done whenever I have the time. This allows me to breathe and relax because I know that I will be able to keep my appointments but I also have the freedom to do my tasks when I feel like it is time for them to be done.

Thanks to Flylady , I try to think of my time in segments. I give myself "breathers" (periods where I do something that I enjoy such as knitting or watching a show or reading a book) that alternate with periods of doing (chores, appointments, important tasks, work, etc.). Some times I do 15 min/15 min and other times, I just alternate tasks and don't time things.

That is pretty much my basic philosophy on planning.  Next up is Planning for the Year.

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