Monday, November 14, 2016

Planning my Year

How do you plan an entire year at once?

I don't.  It's more of a loose, this is what needs to be done this year and this is what I'd like to do this year sort of thing.

I usually do my yearly plans in July and plan out the year for August through the next July.  This is mostly because my family is on a school-year sort of schedule and because our years tend to flow that way.  In January I will often do some goals lists.

So really, How?

I usually take a piece of paper and write down the months of the year. And then I make note of important dates, appointments, holidays, etc.

Then I make a list of things I want to accomplish and divide it into little bits that can be done each month. This was a big part of how I planned my home-school years. When you do things in small steps you can accomplish so much more than you thought you would.

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