Monday, November 28, 2016

Planning Quarterly

Each season, I sit down with my bullet journal or calendar and take a look at the next three to four months. I will give this period a theme such as:

"Fall into to Winter" or
"Winter turns to Spring" or
"Spring into Summer" and
"Summer falls to Autumn"

I try to make it poetic and paint a picture of the changes in time to come. Each period also has theme colors I use to decorate them with.

Then I set up the quarter in my bullet journal. I make a calendar page with important events, holidays, birthdays, appointments, etc.

Other pages I make include:

Book list-- this is a list of books that I read during the quarter
Recipes--meals that go good with the season
Entertainment--shows and movies that I watched and completed during this time
To-do list--things that need done each quarter or are important to get done during this period of time

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