Friday, November 11, 2016


I love stories in all their many forms:  books, music, movies, television shows, etc. Because of my love of stories, I enjoy them from many different mediums and find that the best ones stay with me and enrich my life.


I love stories about romance, adventure, and travel. I also like slice of life and books that make me think about how I live my life and how I want my life to be. Currently I've been reading a lot of travel books and manga as well as books on cooking and organization.

Just finished:
In the Empire of Genghis Khan


Korean dramas have really pulled me in over the last few years. In another post, I'll talk about why I enjoy them so much. Lately, I've been watching quite a few historical ones and I've also been looking up the history behind the stories.

Just finished:
Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds
Scarlet Heart: Reyeo or Moon Lovers
Joseon Gunman


I enjoy a variety of music from Bluegrass to Hawaiian to Kpop to 80s to New Wave to Classic rock to Punk.  I love the sound of instruments but I also like folk singers who just sing.  Music that you listen to can really set the mood of your days.

Current favorites:
OAOA Mayday
Feel So Good B.A.P. (only song of theirs I really like)
Day 6's mini-album Daydream

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