Monday, December 5, 2016

Planning the Month

Each month I put a calendar in my bullet journal and color the days then mark down important appointments. I'll also give the month a theme color:

January is icy blues and purples
February is pinks and reds
March is greens and sometimes pastels
April is either pastels or blue for rainy days
May is bright floral colors
June is green and fresh
July is red, white and blue
August is sunny with yellow and orange
September is red and brown
October is filled with orange, yellow, red and brown
So is November
December is red and green or blue and silver

Once I have themes down then I start on other pages:

Drama tracker--where I keep track of which shows I am watching that month
To-do list--where I keep track of things that need to be done that month
Habit tracker--to help me be better at being me
Project planner--to keep track of what I am making or want to make

I also write in a quote that goes with the month or season to inspire me when I look at the pages.

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